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There’s plenty of room at the bottom.”  (Richard Feynman, December 29, 1959)

In the nanoscopic world there is plenty of room, we think, especially for innovations. In a cubic millimeter (mm3) for instance, there is room for more than [tooltip tip=”″]1018[/tooltip] atoms. Furthermore, different rules apply to the nano world compared to our common macroscopic world, the rules of quantum mechanics. This makes nanotechnolgy nowadays and for the future the driving force of scientific and industrial progress and has enhanced our lives in many ways, in the past as well. And yet, there is so much more to discover. That’s where we come into play.

Applied Nano Research is a young startup on his way to change the future of humanity by providing new ideas and technologies. We started in Munich in 2014 in a coaching program, a startup incubator driven by the SCE, with the simple idea to find a better material for razor blades, which led into a patent application. While realizing that we have a lot more to provide for the future, we decided to make more of it. If you like, stay in touch to find out about our future developments…